Use Castle Mock

Use Castle Mock


Castle Mock has the following prerequisites:

  • A machine with:
    • 256 MB of RAM, although more than 512MB is recommended
  • The following software installed:
    • Java 8
    • Apache Tomcat (8.0 or higher)

Download Castle Mock

Castle Mock can be downloaded as Java Web Archive (.war) file. Click the download button to start downloading Castle Mock.

Install and run Castle Mock

Castle Mock is deployed on a Apache Tomcat server (Apache Tomcat 8.0 or higher).  No additional configurations are required in order to get Castle Mock up and running.

Please see the following page for more information about Apache Tomcat:

Use Castle Mock

Castle Mock can be accessed from the web browser when the installation is complete as such:


This will prompt you the login screen. Use the following credentials when you login for the first time:

Username: admin
Password: admin

It is recommended that the administrator profile gets updated with a more secure password. This is accomplish by going to the user page and choosing to update the profile.

Upon successful login, you will be able to create both SOAP and REST projects. SOAP and REST resources can either be created manually or created by importing resource descriptions, such as WSDL and WADL. All created resources can be mocked multiple times. Each resource can also be configured to have different response strategies, such as random and sequence