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Donations are very appreciated. It keeps the project alive and going forward.

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Getting support

Are you having troubles with getting Castle Mock up and running? Is something not working as intended? We love to hear your thoughts and are of course willing to help us as best as we can! The are multiple ways of getting support. Below you find some of the most common methods of getting support:

Reporting Bugs

Found a problem with Castle Mock? Please let us know! We strive to make Castle Mock as stable and bug-free as possible. With your help, we can achieve that goal. Feel free to submit an issue to our GitHub project. Please keep the following points in mind when creating an issue:

  • Have anyone else reported the same issue? Please do a search before reporting an issue.
  • The more details, the better.
  • Please be nice. We are all trying to have fun and make a great product.

Project Milestones

Want to keep up with what's planned for Castle Mock? Castle Mock is completely transparent and open what we are planing for the future. Check out our milestones on the GitHub project. 

Continuous integration

Castle Mock is using Travis CI as the main continuous integration platform. Travis CI is publicly available and can be accessed in the following link:

Open source and third-party licenses

Castle Mock includes free and open-source computer software supplied by third-parties. A big thanks to the smart and committed people behind the these fantastic programs. Without these, Castle Mock would not be where it is today. A list of all the open source software that is being used by Castle Mock can be found in our "Third party licenses" page: